The Art Newspaper's Trending Artists

The Art Newspaper editor Gareth Harris has written a list of his top 8 trending artists, so we'll countdown the new contemporaries who are 'carving a name out for themselves'.

8 Zachary Eastwood-Bloom

Graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2010, Zachary Eastwood-Bloom explores a diverse variety of materials such as bronze, ceramics, glass, jesmonite, sound and video. Eastwood-Bloom combines historical imagery with contemporary digital aesthetics alongside leading technologies.

7 Gehard Demetz

Gehard Demetz has only recently risen to international prominence through combining meticulous craftsmanship with contemporary subject matter. Demetz presents children rendered with a striking perfection, that are both disquieting and attractive at the same time.

6 Claudia Comte

Originating in the idyllic Swiss mountains, rising super-star Sculptor Claudia Comte shows exceptional delicacy and refinement with the use of a chainsaw and a playful intention.

5 Alexandra Pirici

Romanian dancer Alexandra Pirici relies on complex histories and intimations of the future. Pirici made her name in the Performance Art World after joining forces with choreographer Manuel Pelmus at the Venice Biennale, using dancers to stage an 'immaterial retrospective' recreating the artworks, moments, and scandals from the Biennale’s history.

4 Carmen Argote

Carmen Argote is best known for her large-scale architectural installations, but has recently been exploring construct notions of self through photographic exhibitions. Each image is inscribed with a bodily presence, yet no body is present.

Argote records her own existence with the very lack of.

3 Nathaniel Rackowe

Nathaniel Rackowe plays with light and space with large-scale architectural structures. Rackowe uses mass manufactured by-products of our era to imply essence of contemporary life.

2 Haroon Gunn-Salie

Young South African Artist Haroon Gunn-Salie works collaboratively to reproduce historical community interactions into powerful and obsessive sculptures.

1 Marela Zacarías

Inspired from ancient textiles, Brooklyn based Artist Marela Zacarías creates vibrant sculptural paintings that integrate a multitude of cultures. “There was part of me that needed more, that needed that moment of creating while you’re making.” - Zacarías

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