Contemporary Impressionists From Around the World

Impressionism, the practice of painting outdoors from landscapes and the every day life, is in the spotlight for Tate's exhibition 'EY: Impressionists in London' (open until the 7th May). Known for it's 'on the spot' impulsivity, as opposed to painting from sketches in a studio, the origins of Impressionism are still debated between British painter John Constable, and Paris-based painter Claude Monet. However, regardless of its innovator, it remains timeless and relevant in contemporary practice. Today we'll be looking at a selection of modern-day impressionist painters from all over the world.

Erin Hanson

California-based landscape painter Erin Hanson creates colourful oil-based impressionist paintings of coastal, wine-country and desert landscapes.

Richard Claremont

Sydney-based painter Richard Claremont is inspired by the rich and colourful Australian landscapes, most recently focussing on Yarra Valley.

Scott Naismith

Scottish painter Scott Naismith uses vivid colours in a vigorous application to represent the fast changing light conditions of the West coast of Scotland.

Kate Carney

Raised in Surrey in the UK, impressionist painter Kate Carney focusses on movement, contrast and bold brushwork for her subject matter to create drama and expression.

Marcus Krackowizer

Russian-born British artist Marcus Krackowizer transitioned from aeronautical engineer to professional artist, focussing on impressionist landscapes.

Bernard Mensah

Ghanaian artist Bernard Mensah's inspiration comes from his admiration of mankind, translating illusion into reality.


Chiang Mai based painter Innop captures the majestic land surrounding Northern Thailand.

Ananta Mandal

Mumbai-based artist Ananta Mandal's paintings are created in impressionist manner and surrealist way in various mediums such as watercolor, oil and acrylic.

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