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A 20-year Quest to Capture the Oceans

Artist Danielle Eubank, a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant awardee and a member of The Explorer’s Club, has almost completed the ambitious expedition to spend 20-years capturing the world's oceans. This year, Eubank is on her fifth and final voyage of the Oceans, travelling to the Southern Ocean. The trip will complete her landmark series of ocean paintings, which will be offered individually and as a collection from 2020.

Today at MC Art, we will be taking a visual expedition through the grand body of work so far.

"A 20-year quest to capture all the world’s oceans."

Arctic Ocean

"Prussian blue waters, ice pillows, frozen earth, and an omnipresent moon.

One of my great passions is exploring the ‘line’ between abstraction and representation in visual art. I turn representational subject matter (notably water) into abstract, formal paintings. With the Arctic Ocean, I am painting the most abstractwaterscape I have ever seen. Normally, I deconstruct the physical forms found in water to create stacks of abstracted rhythms. In this case, the Arctic Ocean already looks abstract before I’ve had a chance to deconstruct it. " - Danielle Eubank.

Arctic I

In Arctic II am aiming for a deeper emotive evocation, marrying natural forms of water with motifs reminiscent of those found in the Pacific Northwest. It’s about creating a deeper connection between human culture and our natural surroundings.

Arctic Waters V

Arctic Waters V is a formal exploration of blues and mauves. At the same time it is about layers of water. Like an apple, there is a superficial layer on top and a meaty middle.

Arctic Floating ICE

These ice pillows surrounded me as I sailed on a 3-masted boat in the Arctic. Mutating from pillows to pancakes, shavings, fuzz, or turquoise snow cones, I painted the fleeting qualities of water just below the permanent ice that covers the Pole.

Arctic Antigua I

The photograph,Arctic Antigua I is a reminder of humankind’s effect on the environment. In places rarely visited by people, the animal life sometimes doesn’t express fear In the same way as in areas where humans are a threat, as evidenced by this walrus.

Atlantic Ocean

"For me the Atlantic Ocean is the cool sea that bathes western Europe, the hot sea that refreshes west Africa, and the forceful sea that batters the eastern United States.

I think of the deepest blues of southern England, almost black on a grey day. I think of drizzle, and fuchsias growing in hedges in western Ireland. I think of the green port in Tema, Ghana, where The Borobudur Ship Expedition finished. I try to imagine what the ancients thought was ‘out there’ beyond the Pillars of Hercules. I think of the purest blue of the water in Cape Town with penguins on the beach. " - Danielle Eubank

Borobudur Reflection

Borobudur Reflection is a painting of the reflection of The Borobudur Ship in Cape Town, South Africa. This painting is about the shapes and the specific color of blue found in this part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Cape Town Waterfront III

Cape Town Waterfront III is study of reds punctuated by light blue at the bottom.

Isle of Mull

I began Isle of Mull with the desire to create something blue and orange. It is based on a boat in Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland. After much imagining and sketching I created this image which evolved to include organic shapes punctured by sharp lines.

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the most diverse of all the oceans. It can be the palest turquoise, ultramarine blue, or golden orange. It is the warmest ocean on Earth. It is the third largest of Earth’s oceans and covers one fifth of the planet. Due to the melting polar caps, the Indian Ocean is growing 20 centimeters wider each year.

The deepest part of the Indian Ocean is the Sunda Trench which is near the southern part of the Java Peninsula and near where the Borobudur Ship sailed.

The Indian Ocean is the most fun to paint! I spent time in Indonesia, Seychelles, Madagascar, and South Africa while I was Expedition Artist for The Borobudur Ship Expedition and I quickly fell in love with the many colors and shapes found in this ocean. I have been lucky to make many trips back to paint the ocean including while I was the Expedition Artist for the Phoenician Ship Expedition.

Ancol XIII

6am in Jakarta. Ancol XIII is about the colors on the water at first light in the Jakarta Bay.