Artist of the Week | Amelia Humber

With personal and momentary experience, Amelia Humber's oil paintings aim to encapsulate the atmosphere and personal experience of the landscapes she paints. Stimulated by her upbringing in the countryside of Sussex, UK, the ever-changing skies and their impact on the land became her primary focus early on. Amelia Humber has recently relocated to Scotland in order to surround herself with the awe-inspiring and dramatic Scottish surroundings.

Humber's style of painting omits an essence of traditional Chinese painting, yet merged with a contemporary and abstract nature. The weather is clearly a focal point of Amelia's work, bringing vibrancy of colour and and a geometric indication of movement.

Amelia Humber will be showcasing her work at exhibition 'Viewpoint' in Lemon Street Gallery until the 2nd June 2018.







Click here for Amelia Humber's website.

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