Contemporary Chinese Artists To Watch

China's bustling art scene is uniquely contemporary, but deeply traditional. Artists often, somewhat contentiously, reflect political and social events, including the rapid Westernisation in recent years. Firmly rooted in ancient techniques, China's contemporary artists have a unique and innovative outlook on contemporary art.

The following list shows a varied selection of working Chinese artists who are making an impact on the ever-increasing cultural scene.

Zhang Huan

One of China's most renowned conceptual artists, Huan has shifted to more tangible forms of work. Huan's recent sculptures and paintings reference native China's history, from religious and political figures, to anonymous portraits and landscape scenes.

To Raise the Water Level in a Fish Pond (Water Child), Zhang Huan

Huang Yulong

As part of a post-80s new generation of Chinese artists, Huang Yulong is strongly influenced by the phenomenon of foreign culture in China, reflecting this through pottery and a fascination with the material world.

Beside Me, Huang Zulong

Chen Qiulin

Chen Qiulin addresses the violent affects of urbanisation outside of an urban context with poignant works in varied mediums. Qiulin is most known for lining Sichuan Road with 100 Chinese surnames carved out of tofu.

Still from Peach Blossom, Chen Qiulin

Liu Bolin

Without the use of any digital reproduction, Liu Bolin specialises in remarkable photographic images which blend him and his team into the environment; from grocery stores to famous monuments.

Dongji (Winter Solstice), Liu Bolin

Liu Wei

Exploring a diverse variety of medias and styles, Liu Wei's work is outlandish and visceral, often assembled with every day items. Liu Wei often turns to architectural and urban themes in his work, often raising questions about the way we plan, build, consume and experience our cities.

Truth Dimension No 7, Liu Wei

Density, Liu Wei

He Sen

He Sen paints women who hold a stuffed animal and a cigarette. The photorealism and muted colour palette muffles the images, which could otherwise be seen as overtly sexual, and allows them to become stern and aloof.

Sui Jianguo

Sui Jianguo's recent sculptural works have explored China's ginormous impact and involvement in global commerce. His sculptures take from objects and everyday life, often using reference from historical cultural symbols.

Planting Trace No.3, Sui Jianguo

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