Remarkable Restaurants from Around the World

MC Art presents you with a selection of must-visit restaurants from all over the world, each with their own quirky architectural design, creative accessories, and distinctive art works.

Overtreders W creates zero-waste barn and restaurant for Dutch festival

"A barn is a timeless icon for farming, and has proven itself over the centuries as a neutral but recognisable envelope in which evolving farming activities can take place," the architects said.

"When you see a barn, you know you're in a farming area. In the future the barn will keep on adapting itself to new ways of breeding and harvesting."

Farm-to-table cooking informs natural colour palette of Maannos restaurant in Helsinki

"As a designer I wanted to combine three things: the old industrial building, the owner's food philosophy, and modern Scandinavian design," said Seppänen.

Sky-high Manhatta restaurant by Woods Bagot borrows colours from outside

"The design intent was to create a home in the sky that feels warm and relaxed enough for casual meals and drinks, while establishing a sense of place for the jaw-dropping views," said Woods Bagot principal Wade Little.

Gastrobar O restaurant combines Russian and Scandinavian style

"The untouched layers and textures on the walls remind us of the period of the turbulent 1990s with its squat movement, the spirit of self-organisation and freedom," said Bureau Rhizome.

"Whereas new materials such as matte concrete, white tile and wood make this canvas complete."

Rane Interiors outfits Japanese restaurant Saku with orange and cream surfaces

"I designed Saku with art deco, retro 1970s, and traditional japanese influences in mind," says Emily the designer, "I wanted the small space to feel light, inviting, and soothing, like the comfort food they offer up".

Pastel furnishings contrast against concrete walls in Seville's Casaplata restaurant

Designed with the intention of "blurring the lines of the environment to focus on what is within reach".

Vancouver restaurant Tacofino Oasis references "rustic glamour of mid-century Mexican resort town"

"The materials and finishes reference the rustic glamour of a mid-century Mexican resort town such as Acapulco, which in the 1940s and 50s became a fashionable place for Hollywood elites to vacation and dine," said the designer in a statement.

Red Deer creates pastel-striped pasta restaurant for "Soho institution" Lina Stores

"We tried to play around with the application of that material palette so that a lot of the same visual cues were there but the overall experience is somewhat different," said Real de Azúa.

Photography is by Mariell Lind Hansen.

Berlin restaurant LA Poke takes its cues from Hockney painting A Bigger Splash

Designed by Ester Bruzkus Architekten to feel "as relaxed as a day at a California pool".

Photography is by Jens Bösenberg.

Japanese restaurant in Quebec City combines minimal details and unfinished surfaces

"The wooden structures allow the restaurant to be divided into subspaces, which offer different settings to share a meal with family or friends," Bourgeois said.

Photography is by Maxime Brouillet.

Studio David Thulstrup designs furniture for Copenhagen restaurant Noma

"We were delighted to work with a native design brand on this special project for Noma," said David Thulstrup, founder of Studio David Thulstrup. "Despite the short timeframe and complex design, Brdr Krüger put all their strengths and efforts into making the ARV pieces and our vision for the designs possible."

Hendrik Müller recreates The Black Forest in LA warehouse for Gaggenau's Restaurant 1683

"Our interpretation immediately brought up the idea of creating an immersive experience within a forest-setting, which would bring the mystic atmosphere of the Black Forest to life" says Müller. "Lighting was a challenge since the event started before sunset, and we had to consider the impact of daylight inside the inner dining space, and make sure it would not interfere with the atmosphere," he added.

Studio Unltd turns light-filled warehouse into Bavel restaurant in LA

"Middle Eastern restaurants are often imagined to have design aesthetics that tend to be very dark, heavily patterned and somewhat cliché," said Gergis. "With family roots in Israel, Morocco, Turkey, and Egypt, chefs Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis wanted to open a restaurant that showcases the cuisine from their family lineage."

Photography is by Dylan and Jeni.

Blocks of grey terrazzo set the tone of muted pizza restaurant in Beijing

"MDDM Studio designed the restaurant's long and narrow interior that stretches from the lobby of the hotel on its south side to the river on its north side. Arranged across three subtle levels, the interior incorporates both open and more intimate dining spaces." - Dezeen

Photography is by Jonathan Leijonhufvud.

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