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Take Summer Inside

Even though we're enjoying the hot weather and beautiful British summer outside, why not take summer inside to keep us feeling the warmth.

MC Art presents a fabulous selection of works to make sure summer sticks around.


Painting, 46 H x 36 W x 1.5 in

Sharon Feldstein

United States

Capri Boats

Jin-Woo Prensena United States

Pool No.15

Jean-Pierre Kunkel Germany

Painting Size: 66.9 H x 66.9 W x 1.6 in

Obidos' s Beach

Carmen Merino Spain

Painting Size: 15.7 H x 15.7 W x 1.6 in

Cozumel Sunday 3

Elizabeth Lennie Canada

Painting Size: 60 H x 40 W x 1.5 in

Agiofili # 4, Under the Sun

Dean West United States

Photography Size: 30 H x 30 W x 0.1 in

Oh The Joy!

Erin Tengquist United States

Photography Size: 22 H x 30 W x 1 in

Swimmer No. 17

Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow Germany

Painting Size: 39.4 H x 39.4 W x 0.8 in

Out of space

Hennie van de Lande Netherlands

Collage Size: 39.4 H x 39.4 W x 1.6 in


Elizabeth Lennie Canada

Painting Size: 60 H x 40 W x 1.5 in

Pirate's Cove

Jin-Woo Prensena United States

Photography Size: 31.5 H x 56 W x 0.1 in

Shallow Beach Water

Changsoon Oh United States

Painting Size: 21 H x 32 W x 0.5 in

Lost in the Dunes I

Lynne Douglas United Kingdom