Textiles That Redefine Home Decor

Reinvent your home decor with the personal touch of a unique tapestry. We have compiled a visual list of contemporary tapestry makers who are rethinking the concept of textiles.

The Softworld: feltdesign by Beatrice Waanders

"Small and big pieces handmade without chemicals from raw and un-dyed sheep wool, give a great sense of nature to a room. As the world seems to become bigger, digital and far away from nature, we feel the need to connect with nature again." - The Soft World

imgs : thesoftworld.com

Natalie Miller

Registered architect and textile artist, Natalie Miller is internationally known for her brightly coloured woven artworks. Surrounded by the Southern Highlands in Australia, Natalie is enshrouded by a constant source of inspiration.

imgs: nataliemillerdesign.com

Ptolomy Mann

Ptolemy Mann is a contemporary textile artist and designer known for her unique and colourful hand-woven artworks and textile designs.

Lucy Poskitt

Vancouver-born, Victoria-based textile artist Lucy Poskitt works with a looser and more experimental hand, drawing inspiration from local landscapes and lore.

imgs: insta @luposkitt

Nicola Henley

West Ireland-based fine artist Nicola Henley specialises in large scale, original textile wallhangings for commission and exhibition. Henley captures the energy of the dramatic seas and changing light of the Atlantic coast, as well as the sense of freedom of the birds in flight.

imgs: www.nicolahenley.com

Sue Spooner

"The built landscape has recently become increasingly influential to my work. I find I am seeking out significant man-made structures standing as historical witnesses to past events where people have lived and worked, or studying the process of decay, where the disused structures have been coloured and changed by the course of time. Flaking paint on an old door can reveal countless under-layers of colours painted by previous hands." - Sue Spooner

imgs: textileartist.org

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