Wow, Women of the World.

Just like many other realms of culture, the art world has long been dominated by a masculine touch. In recent years, however, museums and curators worldwide are working hard to include and promote female artists.

The following contemporary artists, courtesy of artnet, are a small selection of women whose groundbreaking work, often overlooked, has made huge contributions to diversity of practice, as well as leading-edge innovations within the arts and culture.

Alana Clarke

A conceptual artist who combines performance, video, sculpture, and installation, Allana Clarke “investigates the construction of power politics as both an authoritative structure and an abstraction,”.

Claudia Comte

She works with a chainsaw… to make wooden sculptures of exceptional delicacy and refinement that recall such Modern greats as Constantin Brâncusi and Isamu Noguchi. She displays her works, heartfelt anachronisms, in immersive installations replete with googly eyes, zany stripes, and other Instagram-ready memes.

Jennifer Cronin

Her paintings focus on the fringes of reality, those things that cannot be perceived in everyday life but are teeming just beneath the surface. Building upon the ubiquitous but often concealed underpinnings of suburban life, Cronin contends to paint a mythology of the seemingly banal.

Sara Cwynar

“I want to think about the affect of thrown away objects and use them to open up to other questions about the lives of images over time, about cycles of capitalism, and about feminism,” - Sara Cwynar.

Tony Gum

Blending her African heritage with images from pop culture, Gum's self portraits have given her Instagram fame, as well as stateside debut at PULSE New York. “There are different types of black bodies that need to be represented,” she told artnet News.

Baseera Khan

Baseera Khan is a New York-based artist whose work shares experiences of exile and kinship shaped by economic, pop cultural, and political situations. She mixes consumerism with spirituality and treats decolonial histories, practices, and archives as geographies of the future.

The following work, titled '99 Holds', 2017, is an indoor rock-climbing wall made from 99 unique poured dyed resin casts of the corners of the artist's body.

Natalie Krim

“I am a feminist, but it has nothing to do with my work,” Krim told Autre. “I’m not trying to make a statement with it, I’m just showing you my life.” - Natalie Krim.

Sarah Meyohas

The inventor of BitchCoin, Sarah Meyohas had a busy 2016, putting her Wharton School business education to good use at a solo show at New York’s 303 Gallery in which she traded stocks and marked their subsequent rise and fall in live time using oil stick on canvas.

Esmaa Mohamoud In 2016, Toronto’s Esmaa Mohamoud finished a masters in fine arts from Ontario College of Art and Design and had her first solo show, at Toronto’s YYZ Gallery, all before the age of 24.

Catalina Ouyang

Catalina Ouyang is interested, according to her artist’s statement, in “where my experience as a Chinese-American woman meshes with histories of cultural and sexual colonization, [and] where my family’s transplanted history aligns with a larger narrative of displacement and lost communication.” - Catalina Ouyang

Joana Ricou

New York-based Portuguese artist Joana Ricou focusses on the complexity of the relationship between human identity and our biological make-up. Art and science are combined to create her striking and colourful works which are displayed internationally.

Tschabalala Self

“Collective fantasies surround the Black body, and have created a cultural niche in which exists our contemporary understanding of Black femininity. My practice is dedicated to naming this phenomenon.” - Self.

Don't miss Women of the World WOW Festival in Norwich from 26-29 April 2018, and the South Bank Centre in March 2019.

Adrienne Elise Tarver

“It doesn’t matter who she is,” Tarver told Art Zealous of Otis. “With us both being black women, she has served as a vessel or surrogate for me to ask larger questions or tell stories that relate to me and my experiences or the experiences of women in my life.”

Don't miss the Visible Women exhibition at Norwich Castle which also coincides with WOW - Women of the World Festival at Norwich Arts Centre from 26-29 April 2018, and at The South Bank Centre in March 2019.

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